Scripture-based Meditation: In life’s busyness it’s hard to get quiet and really mediate on the Lord and the Word. We want to teach students how to come away, learn how to quiet their minds, and focus solely on Him. 


Scripture Memorization: Students will be given Scriptures to memorize and will be tested on them weekly. 


Topical Book Studies: These book studies will focus on empowering young women. They will be geared toward women and to empower the wholeness of the student. 


Bible Study: Students will be given specific portions of the Scripture to read, study, and reflect on. We will then come together in small groups to share and discuss.


Intercessory Prayer: It’s our desire that every student grows in their prayer life and learn all aspects of prayer. It not only will be learned, but it will be intentionally implemented daily. 


Health & Fitness: The Word of God instructs that our bodies are the temple of the Holy Spirit. Due to that knowledge, we will offer classes for healthy living and a weekly fitness program. 


Life Skill Enhancements: We aim to set these young women up for success in every area of their life. We will intentionally bring in trained teachers to teach life skills such as: car maintenance, budgeting, indoor/outdoor home repairs, cooking, sewing, and resume building; just to name a few.

West Coast Bible College & Seminary

Our main track is West Coast Bible College and Seminary. However, you may choose any online college - if you plan on going to that college after Master's.


Through West Coast you can earn your General Ministry Bachelor Degree in three years. This University is uniquely designed for Masters Commission and their students and is very widely recognized among many different denominations. (Included with tuition)

West Coast Bible College and Seminary degrees

Bachelor of Ministry (120 Hours)


Biblical Counseling

Church Business Administration

Church Ministries


Youth Ministry

Worship & Arts

Bridging the Gap - Gap Year

Empowered Master’s Commission - Women’s Edition - is offering a gap year to high school senior’s effected by the Covid-19 epidemic.  Senior girls that would be interested in This gap year would be given a specially designed curriculum to set them up for college and life on their own.  During this special gap year, ladies would be focusing on the following studies:


Discipleship Studies

Ministry Training

Business Foundations


College Prep Courses

Practical Life Skills

Scripture Application



Along with these course, we will be offering the ladies opportunities for job experience and resume building. 



In House Studies