Rev. Pam Kneer

 Executive Director

“My passion for Master’s Commission runs deep. Empowering young adults to secure their foundation in Christ, His Word, and His teachings is something I live for. 

In this new season, my heart and desire is to see women recognizing who they are. Walking confidently and securely in their calling. As a woman minister, I have the experience to pass down to future generations of women leaders. The young women who answer the call to EMC, will undoubtedly know that they can have it all: family, children, career, ministry, or anything that God has called them to; with grace and success, having Jesus at ‘The Hub’ of it all.” 

Rev. Pam Kneer is the Executive Director/Founder of Empowered Master’s Commission ~Women’s Edition~. She is an Ordained Minister with the Assemblies of God.  She has  obtained her Master's Degree of Ministry with a specialization in Biblical Counseling and is a Certified Life Coach.  She has been in youth/young adult ministry for over 3 decades.  Durning which, she has directed Master’s Commission for 2 decades. She has trained hundreds of young adults in ministry throughout that time. She and her husband, Chris, have 6 children and 18 grandchildren.


Rev. Shelby Hardy

Assistant Director

Shelby Hardy is an Empowered Master’s Commission graduate and is currently pursing her Bachelors in Biblical Counseling.  She has been involved in Master's for 9 years.    Shelby and her Caleb have been married for 4 years and they have one child.  God has given her a heart to see lives changed through the process of discipleship.


God changed my life through Master’s Commission.  He took a young broken girl's heart and over three years of discipleship created in me a heart that desires to see lives changed and the Gospel shared.  God has truly awakened the passion in me to seek his face through prayer and worship.  I long to know the heart of the father and look forward to sharing that desire with other young people.  I long to see a generation tarry with the father, waiting for him to show up.  God desires to know us and encounter us, and its beautiful when we wait on him and let it happen. EMC creates the Isaiah 6:8 heart.  When the Lord cries out who will I send into the pulpit, into the missions field, or into the business world, Master’s student are prepared to answer the call, saying “Here I am. Send me!”  I am excited to continue to be apart of what God does in this next generation of Master’s students.


Laurie Hayes

Student Life Coordinator/Support Staff 

Laurie graduated Empowered Master's Commission in the spring of 2019.  She was a student for three years, doing her internship in administration and discipleship. She received her Associates of General Ministry from West Coast Bible College and Seminary during her second year of Master's. She has a heart and passion for other's to have the life changing experience she had here at Empowered.

"As a student Masters Commission has not always been easy for me, but it showed me that I am very capable to do anything I want. I’ve seen so many people give up on other people and not give them chances, but I believe in giving people chances. I love watching people transform to a new person and being able to grow.  In the last three year Masters Commission changed me is so many  ways. Philippians 4:13 “ I can do all thing through Christ who gives me strengthen” . When I came into Master's I thought I could not do any of it but with his strength I can. I believe in people and letting them know no matter what people say about, you can do it."